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Braze Solutions is your one source for all your induction brazing needs. We offer a full line of induction heating equipment ranging from 1kw to 250kw. But that’s just the start; we also offer complete turn-key solutions for all your brazing, heat treating, annealing needs and related engineering services. Including:

  • Manual brazing machines
  • Semi-Automatic brazing machines
  • Fully-Automatic brazing machines.
  • Integrated heat treating
  • Cooling solutions
  • Braze material and flux
  • Controlled atmosphere brazing

Call us today for a complete turn-key solution for your production needs.


This video shows a small sample of equipment and turn-key solutions that we have provided our customers in the past. Call us today and let us help you find that perfect solution you are looking for.

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Turn-Key Manual induction brazing machine

Turn-Key Manual induction brazing machine. Prices starting as low as $28,500. Everything you need to start Brazing Today!
"NASA Recognition of Braze Solutions work on the James Webb Space Telescope MIRI (Mid-Infrared Instrument) cooler tower assembly.

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NASA approached BSL to provide a solution to braze coolant lines used to cool the Mid-Infrared instrument aboard the James Webb Space Telescope. The telescope will operate 1 million miles from Earth, a distance not serviceable by astronauts so it needs to be reliable. We are proud that NASA entrusted BSL with this project and we received the plaque above in 2015. To learn more about the James Webb Telescope please visit NASA's website by clicking the button bellow.

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Mars Sample Return

Mars Sample Return is a proposed mission to return samples from the surface of Mars to Earth. The mission would use robotic systems and a Mars ascent rocket to collect and send samples of Martian rocks, soils and atmosphere to Earth for detailed chemical and physical analysis.